Few places in the world offer the electrifying vibrancy of Tasmania, where natural and cultural splendor coexist. Off the southeast coast of Australia, across the Bass Strait, Tasmania is both secluded and cosmopolitan: you can enjoy world-class cuisine and entertainment in its bustling towns or find breathtaking solitude in its wild and rugged nature.
Tasmania-Natural and Cultural Splendor coexist

Wherever you visit, you'll appreciate Tasmania's rich human history. Tasmanian Aborigines have inhabited the diverse island for thousands of years and their heritage is shaped from the mountain saddle to the river delta. So also that of the British, who settled there at the beginning of the 19th century. Today, you'll find a full range of contemporary Tasmanians enjoying the good life in cities like Hobart and Launceston or in rural settings like Midlands sheep country. Enjoy fine dining in a restaurant that celebrates local ingredients - from seafood to island meats - or catch a rock concert or orchestral performance.

Tasmanian-Endemic Animals

However, you don't want to limit yourself to attractions in Tasmania's established regions. The island contains some of the most unique and wildest places on the planet, from temperate rainforests of giant eucalyptus - some of the tallest trees in the world - to gnarled mountains eroded by ancient highlands. Watch the wind blow over beautiful lakes, against looming crests and rocks, or look out over the rising Southern Ocean.

Look out for some of Tasmanian endemic animals, from the quick-tempered and charming handsome Tasmanian devil to a variety of wonderful honey eaters. Adventurous travelers can take long walks inland, such as along the Overland Track, which passes through some of the most pristine and scenic areas on the island.

Tasmania has a knack for confusing expectations and turning heads in the best possible way. This is one of those gorgeous places like nothing else - it's challenging, beautifully Tasmanian, and all the locals will be happy to show you the island's unique treasures.

Did you know that Tasmania is the third-largest island in the world? Did you also know that it’s one of the most beautiful places on earth? Not only is it home to some of Australia’s most famous natural wonders, such as Cradle Mountain and Lake St. 

Meantime, but it’s also home to some of the country’s friendliest people, most affordable housing and the ideal climate for year-round activities. I

 Tasmania- Island's Unique Treasures.


The cleanliness of the air and water in Tasmania is among the best in the country. It’s also home to the only rivers in Australia that flow from source to sea without being dammed. Its biodiversity is also ranked first in the country, making it an ecological paradise for all sorts of animals and plants, from birds and reptiles to marine creatures. If you are a nature lover, this is definitely the place for you. It’s also ideal for people who care about the environment and sustainability. You can enjoy your daily chores knowing that you are doing your bit for the planet.

Tasmania- Cleanliness of the air and water.
Tasmania - Nature lover and Franklin River, oldest trees in the world.


If you are a foodie, you will fall in love with Tasmanian cuisine. The state is home to some of the freshest produce in the country. Its climate is ideal for growing a wide variety of vegetables that are used to make delicious dishes such as scallops, salmon, oysters, salmon and more. Fresh fish is another staple of Tasmanian cuisine. You can find salmon, mackerel and squid caught in the waters of Bass Strait and the Southern Ocean. Tasmanian cuisine also has a wide variety of cheeses, including blue cheese and cheddar cheese. And if you prefer sweet treats over savory food, you can also enjoy locally made sweets such as lamingtons, fairy bread and vanilla slice.


If you are a nature lover, Tasmania is the place for you. It is home to some of the oldest and rarest forests in the country, as well as lakes, rivers, ferns and bogs. One of its most famous natural wonders is Cradle Mountain, which is home to the largest remnant of the southern rainforest in the world. It is also one of the few places where you can see wild leeches. Another beautiful sight is the Franklin River, which is the longest undammed river in Australia. It’s also home to the largest eucalyptus forest in the Southern Hemisphere. There, you can find some of the oldest trees in the world, some of which are more than 1,600 years old.

Tasmania- famous Hazards Beach, scenic drives through Horseshoe Bay.

Tasmania is home to many natural wonders and activities. You can go on scenic drives through Horseshoe Bay, take a walk along the famous Hazards Beach and admire the views from Indian Head, visit the third tallest sand dune in the world at Mount Budge, walk through the picturesque Eco Village, visit the largest working salmon farm in the Southern Hemisphere at Patina, go on a forest walk at Rothschild Reserve, and explore the Coal Mines of the West Coast, to name a few. If you are an adventure lover, you will never have to run out of things to do in Tasmania. You can go fishing, diving, surfing, kite surfing, sailing, paragliding, rock climbing, snorkeling, and so much more.

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